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Performance-Based Funding of Higher Education

This issue brief from the Center for American Progress highlights best practices in performance-based funding in six states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Tennessee, Washington and Louisiana. The report summarizes the history of performance-based funding, reviews current state policies on performance-based funding, and offers recommendations for improvement. More »


Update on the Federal Maintenance of Effort Provision: Reinforcing the State Role in Public Higher Education Financing

This brief from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities looks at recent trends concerning federal maintenance of effort (MOE) provisions and their impact on state support for higher education. The report concludes that MOE provisions can be an effective incentive for getting states to strengthen their financial commitment to higher education and help keep tuition costs down. More »


Making Performance Funding Work for All

Efforts to implement performance funding should improve higher education for all students, not just those most likely to succeed, contends this report from The Working Poor Families Project. The report features comparisons of input- and outcomes-based higher education funding models, as well as policy recommendations to ensure low-income and non-traditional students are not adversely affected by new performance funding policies. More »


Grapevine survey

More students are enrolling in college, but funding to support them is not keeping pace. Findings in this annual survey from the State Higher Education Executive Officers and the Center for the Study of Education Policy at Illinois State University show total state fiscal support for higher education declined nationwide by 7.6 percent from FY2011 to FY2012. More »


10 Questions State Legislators Should Ask about Higher Education

With shrinking state budgets, lawmakers need to know what questions to ask and where to go for reliable information to make informed higher education policy decisions affecting college productivity and degree attainment. Tlhis report, from the American Legislative Exchange Council, provides a list of questions lawmakers should be asking of higher education institutions, along with online resources to get answers. More »

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