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Resetting the Trillion-Dollar Student-Loan Problem

As college costs rise, so too does the amount students are borrowing. A new report from the Center for American Progress reviews several proposals currently pending before Congress and recommends elements that need to be included in a plan to permit student-loan refinancing. More »


Student Debt and the Class of 2010

Students who earned a bachelor’s degree in 2010 and used student loans to pay for their education owed an average of $25,250, up 5 percent from the previous year, says this report from the Project on Student Debt, from the Institute on College Access and Success. More »


Delinquency: The Untold Story

Delinquency: The Untold Story of Student Loan Borrowing from the Institute for Higher Education Policy. To more fully capture the repayment difficulties that borrowers experience each month, data must look beyond just default, the report says. More »