Approach: Lumina will incorporate these catalytic approaches into the strategies which it will pursue to produce the three critical outcomes of Preparation, Success and Productivity.

Public Will Building

To reach the big goal, the Foundation needs to make the case for urgent action and promote attitudes and behavior that support student preparation, success and productivity in higher education. Although Lumina will address a wide range of publics, strategic efforts will be focused on specific target audiences, such as parents and students, policymakers and opinion leaders in business, media and other fields.

Lumina’s public will building framework is based on four steps that identify communication goals for different target audiences and, where required, produce attitude and behavior changes required to reach the big goal. These steps are:

  1. Frame the issue and make the case for change.

  2. Identify players and influencers.

  3. Determine the attitude and behavior changes required, and implement strategies that increase awareness, understanding and, where necessary, conviction and commitment to change, as illustrated by the chart below.


  4. Plan, build alliances, assign resources and execute.

To advance and support its work on public will building, Lumina will take these steps:

  1. Develop, together with its partners, specific plans for each of the pressing public issues that will require attitude and behavior changes to reach the big goal.

  2. Support the adoption and implementation of effective practice in higher education, aligned with the strategies outlined in this plan.

  3. Coordinate the Foundation’s public will building with public policy efforts.

  4. Create dialogues among Lumina and its target audiences.

  5. Create change by using best practices in public will building and communications (including use of mass media, electronic communications, publications, speaking engagements and convenings, among others.)

Public Will Building

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