Preparation: Students are prepared academically, financially and socially for success in education beyond high school.


Critical Outcome


Students are prepared academically, financially and socially for success in education beyond high school.

Intermediate Outcome

States and institutions create and implement transparent higher education readiness standards aligned across K-12, adult learner and higher education systems.

Intermediate Outcome

Students are supported to attend and succeed in college through expanded state- and community-based higher education outreach networks.

Intermediate Outcome

Federal, state and institutional policies and practices ensure that no student is denied access to higher education because it is too expensive.
Far too many students are unprepared for education beyond high school. Given that many other foundations already invest in student preparation and that Lumina’s focus is on higher education, the Foundation’s strategies for preparation are focused on the areas in which Lumina is best positioned to make a difference. Lumina’s priority strategies will:
  • Promote the alignment of K-12 and higher education systems.

  • Expand national postsecondary access outreach and action campaigns.

  • Support the expansion of sustainable, high-quality student service and advocacy networks.

  • Advocate for policies and programs that support low-income students.

  • Support research on innovative approaches to support low-income students, including state and federal tax- and asset-based programs.

In recent years, Lumina has focused on preparation primarily through the KnowHow2GO initiative, which has two components: a national outreach program and work to greatly expand the reach of state and local higher education access programs. Our partnership with the YMCA-USA will work to connect KnowHow2GO to the well-established financial aid outreach network of College Goal Sunday and expand the reach of both programs.

Examples of the prospective work the Foundation believes will advance its preparation strategies include:

  • Advocate for states to align K-12 and higher education standards and assessments.

  • Advocate for policy change that directs more state and institutional support to need-based financial aid programs.

  • Support simplification of the financial aid application process.

  • Advocate for progressive 529 savings plans.

  • Support wide-scale implementation of successful strategies that bridge cultural and social gaps for underrepresented students.

One Response to Preparation

  1. Renee Boyle says:

    A wide body of research shows that students who start formal schooling in kindergarten without expected age-level skills experience limited success and an ever-widening achievement gap. The high school graduation rate of these at-risk Latinos is approximately 15%. To achieve Lumina’s stated goal of increasing the college graduation rate of Latino population, we urge Lumina to invest in children at the preschool age. Our 45-year-old program has successfully enabled our preschoolers to start kindergarten fluent in English with the skills they need to be on a course toward academic success. We welcome a chance to discuss this with you further. Renee Boyle, Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center, Falls Church, VA. 703/534-4907.

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