2nd White House College Opportunity Day of Action

Lumina supports exploration of new business models

Lumina Foundation will collaborate with 7 completion colleges to help our nation reach its goal of leading the world in college attainment. Commitments from colleges and universities, business leaders, and nonprofits will be announced at a White House summit on December 4. Watch a live stream of the announcements beginning at 9am Eastern at

Film Series | Federal Student Aid History

Looking Back to Move Forward: A History of Federal Student Aid

This documentary series provides insight into the programs’ origins, milestones, and current issues as we ponder future direction and navigate foreseeable roadblocks to new policy innovation. Learn from a few experts about the history of financial aid in American higher education. Let’s look back to move forward. More »

Speech | Jamie Merisotis

Shaping a Changed American Higher Education System: Defining Your Role

Lumina President Jamie Merisotis spoke to an audience of marketing experts of on their role in promoting a learning-based, flexible, stackable credentialing system at a meeting of the AMA in Austin, TX. More »

Speech | Jamie Merisotis

Redefining Trustee Leadership to Close the Talent Gap

Lumina President and CEO Jamie Merisotis spoke at the Association of Governing Boards workshop for college and university trustees on how they can lead the institutional change needed to better serve their students. More »

Video | Zakiya Smith

Lumina Strategy Director Zakiya Smith discusses the value of higher education on Larry King Now

With soaring tuition costs and rising student debt levels, many Americans are questioning the value of a college degree. Larry welcomes an esteemed group of educators and experts to assess the state of higher education in America. More »

Blog | Jamie Merisotis

Redesigning Higher Education Through Intentional Influence

Creating system-level change will require both working within the system and simultaneously disrupting it says Lumina President & CEO Jamie Merisotis in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. More »

News release

MoveED Grows to Nearly 3,000 Organizations Sharing Solutions to Increase Higher Ed Attainment

MoveED for Goal 2025 has grown to include nearly 3,000 organizations since its launch in April. To help show the myriad new partner connections, MoveED now features street-level mapping to showcase and connect organizations working to make postsecondary attainment America’s cause. More »

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