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Help Wanted: Postsecondary Education and Training Required

America is slowly coming out of the Recession of 2007—only to find itself on a collision course with the future: not enough Americans are completing college . . . By 2018, we will need 22 million new workers with college degrees—but will fall short of that number by at least 3 million postsecondary degrees . . . At a time when every job is precious, this shortfall will mean lost economic opportunity for millions of American workers.


Available for download:
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The report presents a new approach that answers some critical questions about the emerging economy, including:

  • When will the jobs come back?
  • Where will the jobs be? Which states? Which industries? Which occupations?
  • What postsecondary certificates and degrees will be required?
  • Will the education system be able to keep up?
  • How much will it cost to fund the postsecondary education America needs?

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