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The United States risks an unprecedented shortage of college-educated workers in coming years. The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems estimates the need to educate nearly 800,000 more college graduates each year from now through 2025 to meet the growing needs of the workforce. Lumina’s goal is to increase the higher education attainment rate of the United States to 60 percent by the year 2025. Find out how your state is doing.

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Help Wanted: Postsecondary Education and Training Required

America is slowly coming out of the Recession of 2007—only to find itself on a collision course with the future: not enough Americans are completing college . . . By 2018, we will need 22 million new workers with college degrees—but will fall short of that number by at least 3 million postsecondary degrees . . . At a time when every job is precious, this shortfall will mean lost economic opportunity for millions of American workers.


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The report presents a new approach that answers some critical questions about the emerging economy, including:

  • When will the jobs come back?
  • Where will the jobs be? Which states? Which industries? Which occupations?
  • What postsecondary certificates and degrees will be required?
  • Will the education system be able to keep up?
  • How much will it cost to fund the postsecondary education America needs?

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