“Senator Kennedy’s legacy in education is unparalleled. With more than four decades in a leadership role in the United States Senate, his impact has been far reaching — from the Head Start program to graduate education. He was a strong supporter of access to higher education for the poor and underserved populations and, at the same time, he was always challenging higher education. He understood far better and more clearly than many others that the benefits of higher education are broad, that both the individual and society benefit enormously from investment in higher education. He could see that those outcomes are important for our economic well being, our social cohesion and our democracy.

His leadership, even this year with the significant education proposals from the Obama administration, has helped define and shape the debate. His passing will create a vacuum as he was always willing to work in a bipartisan way and that will be sorely missed.”

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Lumina Foundation for Education is committed to enrolling and graduating more students from college — especially low-income students, students of color, first-generation students and adult learners. Our goal is to increase the percentage of Americans who hold high-quality degrees and credentials to 60 percent by 2025. Lumina pursues this goal in three ways: by identifying and supporting effective practice, through public policy advocacy, and by using our communications and convening power to build public will for change.

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