Crossing the Finish Line is a timely, compelling, and insightful analysis of the challenges of college completion in the United States. Bowen, Chingos, and McPherson have done an extraordinary job of analyzing and synthesizing data that leads to the inescapable conclusion that far too many of the nation’s low-income, first generation, and minority students—the future backbone of our workforce—are not graduating from college. In the modern world, a postsecondary degree or credential is not just nice; it’s absolutely necessary for our economic and social prosperity as a nation. This book makes a clear case for getting the right information, the right amount of financial assistance, and the right support to students who otherwise might make the wrong choice—or worse, no choice at all.

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Lumina Foundation for Education is committed to enrolling and graduating more students from college — especially low-income students, students of color, first-generation students and adult learners. Our goal is to increase the percentage of Americans who hold high-quality degrees and credentials to 60 percent by 2025. Lumina pursues this goal in three ways: by identifying and supporting effective practice, through public policy advocacy, and by using our communications and convening power to build public will for change.

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