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Complete to Compete: Improving Postsecondary Attainment Among Adults

Providing more opportunities to help adults retool and reskill is essential to meeting future workforce demands. The use of cross-institutional data and the creation of flexible and integrated learning environments are two ways that states can improve their postsecondary credential More »

Degree Completion

Measuring Success by Degrees: The status of college completion in SREB states

Not enough students in the South enroll in college immediately after high school, and too many students who start two- and four-year degrees and certificates do not finish, says this report from the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB). This report More »

Adult degree completion

Bringing Adults Back to College

Helping individuals who left college with a substantial number of credits but no degree can lead to increased degree production for states, says this report from the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. The report examines the inclusion of “ready More »

Adult degree completion

Merisotis begins blogging at Huffington Post

Jamie Merisotis, President/CEO of Lumina Foundation, brings discussion around the Big Goal and how to get there to social news site Huffington Post.


Pursuing a National Agenda for Global Leadership

Increasing the supply of college graduates won’t just help us fill jobs, it can actually help create them. More »

Adult learners

Why is a Stronger Nation Important to States?

Why is A stronger nation important to states? Jamie Merisotis and Dewayne Matthews discuss the use of state data as a pathway to the 60% attainment goal. More »

Adult Degree Completion Commitment Partners

A list of partners in Lumina’s Adult Degree Completion program, 2010 – 2014. More »