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Support for Expanded Use of DQP and Tuning to Build a Learning-based Credentials System

To complement the public release of the Degree Qualifications Profile, Lumina announces new investments over the next several years to increase attainment of high-quality credentials through expanded use of the DQP and Tuning to build a learning-based credentials system. Widespread More »

News release

Official Launch Of Degree Qualifications Profile Aims For Widespread Use Of Learning-outcomes Framework

Lumina Foundation today joined expert authors, reviewers and faculty to officially launch the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP). Nearly five years in the making, the DQP is a framework that clearly defines the learning that college degrees should signify at the associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. In short, it is a baseline set of reference points for what students should know and be able to do to earn their degrees. More »


Degree Qualifications Profile released for large-scale implementation

On Oct. 8, Lumina hosted a panel discussion The Degree Qualifications Profile and Tuning: Call for Action, Conversation about Next Steps. A rebroadcast of the event will be available on Fri. Oct. 10. More »

Speech | Holiday McKiernan

Positioning Higher Education To Ensure It Meets Increasing Demands

Lumina’s Chief of Staff and General Counsel Holiday McKiernan spoke to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education on the role of the DQP and regional accreditors on ensuring quality learning outcomes in higher education. More »

Speech | Jamie Merisotis

Taking Learning to the Next Level: Independent Institutions and the DQP

With nearly 300 institutions in more than 40 states investigating the Degree Qualifications Profile, the implementation of faculty-driven system redesign around learning outcomes is becoming a reality. Lumina President Jamie Merisotis delivers the opening keynote to kick off this important national conversation at the third and final meeting of the DQP Consortium. More »

Interview | Jamie Merisotis

Merisotis with Dr. Ochoa at Cal State Monterey Bay Speaker Series

Jamie Merisotis joins Cal State Monterey Bay President Eduardo Ochoa as part of his President’s Speaker Series. Watch the full 90 minute discussion including Q&A which focuses on quality learning models, the Degree Qualifications Profile and other innovations in higher education. More »

Blog | Jamie Merisotis

Competency-Based Learning: A Big Deal, But Not Because of the Feds

Lumina President Jamie Merisotis blogs in today’s Huffington Post on advancing competency-based learning models. More »