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CEOs for Cities promotes strong cities for a strong America. CEOs for Cities is building a national coalition of urban leaders-from business, government, higher education and philanthropy-committed to creating and sustaining the next generation of great American cities.

Research shows there is a close correlation between per capita income and college attainment. Those with a college degree are twice as likely to be employed as those without a college education. CEOs for Cities believes the more educated a city’s population is, the more robust, resilient, and competitive its economy will be. Educational attainment is a city’s biggest predictor of success.

CEOs for Cities has calculated the Talent Dividend-showing how a modest 1% increase in the four-year college attainment rate in a metropolitan population can yield big financial gains-both in personal income and to the local economy,

Take Indianapolis, for example. Producing 1%-or roughly 11,000-more college-educated graduates in that city would yield a Talent Dividend of $1.3 billion dollars a year-or almost as much as the payroll of Indianapolis’ biggest employer.

To jumpstart local efforts in 51 metro areas around the country, CEOs for Cities has launched the Talent Dividend Tour, in partnership with Lumina Foundation for Education and with support from DeVry, Inc.

The Talent Dividend is not a magic bullet, but it is an achievable, doable way for every city to succeed.

To learn more about how the Talent Dividend Tour is helping cities move forward and develop talent by moving more people up the education pipeline, visit

Listen to Carol Coletta, CEOs for Cities CEO and President, as she explains the Talent Dividend: why it is needed now and why it works.

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