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Communication initiatives are central to our mission, and we offer a range of publications to share information about our work.

  • Lumina Foundation Focus™

    College-bound communities

    The smartest cities make student success a shared mission

    Summer 2014
  • Lumina Foundation Focus™

    Two-way street

    When college mentors help students achieve, success is shared

    Spring 2014
  • A stronger nation through higher education

    Attainment rate data for the U.S., every state, county, and the 100 largest metropolitan areas, updated for 2014.

    April 2014
  • Lumina Foundation Focus™

    Fast and focused

    Accelerated degree programs keep students locked in on learning

    Fall 2013
  • Lumina Foundation Focus™

    Friendly Forces

    Returning veterans need staunch allies on college campuses

    Spring 2013

Other publications

  • Working credentials
    Sub-baccalaureate degrees, certificates are paying off for students and employers
    Fall 2012 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • College, rewired
    Innovative approaches help higher education connect to productivity
    Summer 2012 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • A new lens for learning
    'DQP' has promise as a tool to ensure degrees' quality
    Winter 2012 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Flexing the faculty
    When these few educate 50,000, productivity rules
    Summer 2011 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Un nuevo día
    As Latino population grows, so must college attainment
    Spring 2011 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Discerning learning
    Colleges find new ways to show what students know.
    Winter 2011 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • The Degree Qualifications Profile
    A new framework for defining the learning and quality that college degrees should signify.
    January 2011 | Special report

  • When networks build a platform, students step up
    This issue of Lumina Foundation Lessons highlights three organizations working tirelessly to promote college success among low-income and minority students.
    May 2010 | Lessons

  • The cost quandary
    Hard times intensify the nation's urgent need for college graduates.
    Fall 2010 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Help Wanted: Projecting Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018
    The nation will have a shortage of 3 million workers with the required postsecondary degrees to fill the jobs of the future, according to this report from the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University.
    June 2010 | Georgetown Center report

  • The productivity push
    System-wide reform allows Arizona to serve more students.
    Summer 2010 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Off the charts
    Columns of data provide support for student achievement.
    Spring 2010 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • No more kid stuff
    Colleges and universities take a mature approach to serving adult students.
    Fall 2009 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Remediation redux
    Colleges revisit developmental ed in a bid to boost student success.
    Fall 2008 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Pillars of progress
    The nation's minority-serving institutions point the way to student success.
    Spring 2008 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Students aren’t just data points, but numbers do count
    America's colleges and universities cannot fulfill their mission if large numbers of students fail to complete a program of study. Learn how the power of data can inform and transform postsecondary institutions.
    Winter 2008 | Lessons

  • A changing picture
    Pockets of innovation point the way to a better higher-ed system.
    Winter 2007 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Campus connections
    'Near-peer' mentoring and other innovative efforts help widen the college track.
    Fall 2007 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Places—and faces—that foster student success
    In 2002, universities across Indiana began experimenting with strategies to enhance persistence rates among freshmen and sophomore students. See what our grantees have learned.
    Spring 2007 | Lessons

  • Barrier busters
    Community colleges and their students embrace challenges.
    Winter 2006 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Front-porch pathfinders
    Pre-college access counselors meet students where they live &8212; and lead them higher.
    Fall 2006 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Lifelong Lessons
    "Nontraditional" becomes the norm as adults blaze new trails to college.
    Winter 2005 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Dreams Detoured
    Rising college costs alter plans and threaten futures.
    Fall 2005 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Refuse to lose
    Today’s colleges and universities must work to foster student success.
    Spring 2004 | Lumina Foundation Focus™

  • Restricted Access
    The doors to higher education remain closed to many deserving students.
    Summer 2003 | Lumina Foundation Focus™