Special reports

Obama Administration’s Ratings Proposal

Examines issues of effectiveness of consumer information, public response, and potential measures of quality in the proposed rating system. (Sept. 2014)

College Costs, Prices and the Great Recession

Examines the effects of the great recession on college pricing and provides insight on preparedness for future recessions. (Apr. 2014)

College Costs and Prices

College Costs and Prices documents key facts for policymakers on the cost of providing a public college education compared with real-world tuition prices. (Apr. 2014)

A path to alignment: Connecting K-12 and higher education via the Common Core and the DQP

A proposal to use Common Core State Standards with the Degree Qualifications Profile to develop a comprehensive preparedness strategy for the nation. (Oct. 2013)

A stronger nation through higher education

Updated state-by-state college attainment statistics that can serve as a call to action to make higher education more accessible and attainable for all Americans. (June 2013)

The Degree Qualifications Profile

A new framework for defining the learning and quality that college degrees should signify. (Jan 2011)

The Degree Qualifications Profile,
executive summary

The DQP, summarized in four pages. (Jan 2011)

Chief Academic Officer’s Guide to the Degree Qualifications Profile

This guide is intended to describe the Degree Qualifications Profile, suggest ways in which provosts and academic vice presidents may apply it, and open a discussion about how to make the DQP even more useful. (July 2011)

Faculty Guide to the Degree Qualifications Profile

As those most directly engaged with the quality of student learning, faculty members have a particularly important stake in this initiative. This guide is intended to describe the Profile and suggest ways faculty can use it. (August 2011)

Four Steps to Finishing First in Higher Education

Four Steps to help state policymakers and higher education leaders in their efforts to fashion policy agendas that focus on graduating more students with the resources available while maintaining quality. (Sept. 2011)

Lumina Foundation™ Lessons (2007 – 2010)

When networks build a platform, students step up

This issue of Lumina Foundation Lessons highlights three organizations working tirelessly to promote college success among low-income and minority students. (Spring 2010)

Students aren’t just data points, but numbers do count

America’s colleges and universities cannot fulfill their mission if large numbers of students fail to complete a program of study. Learn how the power of data can inform and transform postsecondary institutions. The imperative is to collect better student-success data. (Winter 2008)

Places—and faces—that foster student success

In 2002, universities across Indiana began experimenting with strategies to enhance persistence rates among freshmen and sophomore students. See what our grantees have learned. (Spring 2007)

Research Reports (2001 – 2007)

Returning to Learning: Adults’ Success in College is Key to America’s Future

Read a summary of findings from the Emerging Pathways project, which seeks to identify the diverse needs and characteristics of adult learners and understand patterns of enrollment in credit and non-credit-bearing courses. (March 2007)

Critical Connections: Linking States’ Unit Record Systems to Track Student Progress

Learn why better student-tracking data would enhance efforts to help college students succeed and fill a critical economic need to increase the number of students who earn college degrees. (February 2007)

Fixing the Formula: A New Approach to Determining Independent Students’ Ability to Pay for College

See how flawed calculations of independent students’ financial capacity can jeopardize educational opportunities for those truly in need. (May 2006)

More research reports

Annual reports (2002 – 2009)

A capital investment

Our 2009 annual report features profiles of three 21st century students and details the grants Lumina funded in 2009 in pursuit of our Big Goal (June 2010)

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