Making the Grade 2011

Amidst shrinking resources and rising demands for more college graduates, it’s clear that colleges and universities must transform the way they do business. This report, from Deloitte, provides an overview of the top 10 issues facing higher education, along with key strategies to help institutions reinvent themselves to meet evolving education and workforce needs. More »


State Tuition, Fees, and Financial Assistance Policies for Public Colleges and Universities 2010-2011

This report, from the State Higher Education Executive Officers, offers insight into the philosophies, policies, and procedures influencing decisions about college tuition, student fees, and financial aid.


The State Higher Education Finance FY2010

How might colleges and universities use available resources to increase productivity without impairing the quality of services? This report from the State Higher Education Executive Officers provides a review of higher education trends to help inform this and other public More »


Public calls for affordable higher education

Many Americans find themselves living lives of constant economic struggle and worry whether they’ll keep a middle-class life in the long term, according to a recent report. And, when it comes to what might be “very effective” in helping more people become economically secure, the public is betting on higher education and job training. Slip-Sliding Away, from Public Agenda found that 63 percent of Americans believes a key policy solution to spur economic vitality is to make higher education more affordable. More »

Financial Aid

Cracking the Student Aid Code: Parent and Student Perspectives on Paying for College

A knowledge deficit continues to exist when it comes to paying for college and navigating the financial aid process – and that deficit is most prevalent for Latino and low-income students. This report, from the College Board Advocacy and Policy More »

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