The College Completion Agenda: Practical Approaches for Reaching the Big Goal: New Directions for Community Colleges

This volume provides practical ways colleges can focus on the College Completion Agenda. Originally begun as an economic workforce issue for the Obama administration, the College Completion Agenda has been adopted by myriad educational institutions, public and private funders, and others. More »

Lumina Grant | Guided Pathways to Success

$1M grant aims at boost on-time college degree completion at Purdue, elsewhere

Indiana colleges will receive more support to help their on-time college completion efforts under a new $1 million grant announced Tuesday by Gov. Mike Pence. More »

State attainment data | Latinos

Ensuring America’s future by increasing Latino college completion

To inform and support state-level, institutional and community actions to increase Latino college completion, Excelencia in Education releases an executive summary and research-based fact sheets detailing the current status of Latino college attainment in all 50 states and the country. More »


Degree Completion

How Students are Making It: Perspectives on Getting Through College from Recent Graduates of the Boston Public Schools

Insight into the low college-completion rates of Boston Public Schools graduates is the focus this report from the Boston Foundation. Based on surveys and interviews with students, the report explores the similarities and differences among students who are struggling academically and those who are succeeding in college. More »

Degree Completion

Compete to Complete: Common College Completion Metrics

Improved college-completion rates are critical to our nation’s future. At the same time, states cannot understand this challenge or target areas for policy changes without better data. This publication, from the National Governors Association, provides a set of common college-completion More »


Certificates Count: An Analysis of Sub-baccalaureate Certificates

This publication, from Complete College America, highlights the value of certificate programs, offering insight on how practical and often underutilized credentials can provide graduates with rapid postsecondary achievement and portable skills and knowledge.

Degree Completion

Competing Explanations of Undergraduate Noncompletion

At four-year colleges and universities, academic preparation is the biggest factor in determining student success, according to this report. For students at two-year institutions, financial aid is the strongest predictor of degree completion, the study says.

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