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Higher Education Pays: But a lot more for some graduates than for others

What you study matters more than where you study, concludes this report from American Institutes for Research and College Measures. The study says that prospective college students can save money and make better academic decisions with more information about where their educational choices are likely to lead. More »


Record Shares of Young Adults Have Finished Both High School and College

A college degree pays off, and more young people are taking note. This analysis of Census data from the Pew Research Center shows a record number of young adults are completing high school, going to college and earning a degree. For the first time, one third of the nation’s 25- to 29-year-olds have earned at least a bachelor’s degree, the report says. More »


Innovation in Higher Education: Public Opinion Survey Results

This national survey of Americans’ views regarding the value, benefits and obstacles associated of higher education says most people believe college is necessary for success in life, but that costs make it harder to attain a college degree today. More »

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The Certificate – Florida’s Postsecondary Workhorse

This report from the Florida College Access Network highlights the importance of high-quality postsecondary certificates and makes the case on why they should be included as part of Florida’s goals for increasing degree attainment. More »


The Labor Market Returns to a For-Profit College Education

Students who complete associate degrees at for-profit colleges realize significant earnings returns and, in some cases, outperform students with two-year degrees from community colleges, according to this working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research. The research also suggests that for-profit students who fail to complete two-year degree programs fare considerably worse in the labor market than their public-sector counterparts. More »

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Higher Ed Means Higher Pay, Georgetown Study Confirms

Can Americans afford not to go to college? New research shows a clear link between a good job and higher education. More »


Left Out. Forgotten? Recent High School Graduates and the Great Recession

The cost of a higher education remains an obstacle for many young high school graduates. Despite a widespread recognition that they will need further education, only 38 percent say they definitely plan to attend college in the next few years, according to this report by the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development. More »

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