Cornerstones of Completion: State Policy Support for Accelerated, Structured Pathways to College Credentials and Transfer

This policy brief from Jobs for the Future offers 10 state policy recommendations designed to help colleges support accelerated, structured pathways to college credentials and transfer. Among the recommendations: Leverage technology to support individualized student planning, tracking, degree audits and early warning systems and design financial aid to encourage and reward student progress. More »

Degree attainment

Snapshot Report: Degree Attainment

Sixty percent of community college students who transfer to a four-year institution earn a bachelor’s degree within four years, says this report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. The report notes that graduation rates are highest among students who transfer after receiving their associate’s degree. More »

Degree attainment

Completing College: A National Review of Attainment Rates

More students follow diverse pathways to obtain their college degree, with many transferring to several schools before they graduate, enrolling part time or switching between part-time and full-time status. These realities call for changes in the way attainment rates are currently calculated, says this report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. More »


Transfer: An Indispensable Part of the Community College Mission

More states are making it easier for community college students to transfer to four-year institutions via improved articulation and transfer agreements, according to this policy brief from the American Association of Community Colleges. This report identifies several practices that four-year colleges and universities can employ to improve the success of community college transfer students. More »


Reverse Transfer: A National View of Student Mobility from Four-Year to Two-Year Institutions

More students attend multiple institutions while working toward their educational goals, concludes this report by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. The report examines reverse-transfer behaviors of first-time-in-college students who entered four-year colleges and universities in fall 2005 and follows their college enrollments for six years through the summer of 2011. More »


Student Voices on the Higher Education Pathway

This report, from Public Agenda, captures the perspectives of current and former community college students on what they believe can improve their chances of persisting, completing or transferring. More »

Community colleges

Improving Student Transfer from Community Colleges to Four-Year Institutions

The pathway between community colleges and four-year institutions plays a vital role in improving the degree-production needs of the nation. This College Board report provides perspectives from four-year institution leaders with success in recruiting, enrolling and serving transfer students from community colleges. More »

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