The College Completion Agenda: Practical Approaches for Reaching the Big Goal: New Directions for Community Colleges

This volume provides practical ways colleges can focus on the College Completion Agenda. Originally begun as an economic workforce issue for the Obama administration, the College Completion Agenda has been adopted by myriad educational institutions, public and private funders, and others. More »


Tuning USA – official Web site

Tuning is a faculty-driven process that identifies what a student should know and be able to do in a chosen discipline when a degree has been earned – an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s. More »

Merisotis speaks on aligning public policy

Lumina president Jamie Merisotis addressed the Association for the Study of Higher Education Annual Conference in Indianapolis. Read Aligning Public Policy, Higher Education, and the Nation’s Degree-Attainment Imperative » More »

Learning about Learning

Lumina President, Jamie Merisotis, speaks in Washington D.C. before the Embassy Education Breakfast Series on Sept. 7, 2010, about high-quality degree attainment for Americans. More »


Quality in European Higher Education: The Influence of the Bologna Process

In this Change magazine article, educator/researcher Barbara M. Kehm writes about the Bologna Process and Tuning Project. Originally a reform of educational structures and degrees, the Bologna agenda has increasingly focused on curricular content and cooperation in quality assurance to More »


Tuning: A Tale of Adventures in Learning

A new video explains how the tuning process helps define quality in higher education for a better educated workforce. More »


Like Russian Dolls—Unpacking the Parts that Comprise the Bologna Process: Part 2

The continued discussion between Dewayne Matthews and Tim Birtwistle on the Bologna process… More »

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