Film Series | Federal Student Aid History

Looking Back to Move Forward: A History of Federal Student Aid

This documentary series provides insight into the programs’ origins, milestones, and current issues as we ponder future direction and navigate foreseeable roadblocks to new policy innovation. Learn from a few experts about the history of financial aid in American higher education. Let’s look back to move forward. More »

Video | Zakiya Smith

Lumina Strategy Director Zakiya Smith discusses the value of higher education on Larry King Now

With soaring tuition costs and rising student debt levels, many Americans are questioning the value of a college degree. Larry welcomes an esteemed group of educators and experts to assess the state of higher education in America. More »


Degree Qualifications Profile released for large-scale implementation

On Oct. 8, Lumina hosted a panel discussion The Degree Qualifications Profile and Tuning: Call for Action, Conversation about Next Steps. A rebroadcast of the event will be available on Fri. Oct. 10. More »


Facts about postsecondary attainment in America

38.7 percent of working-age Americans (ages 25-64) held a two- or four-year college degree in 2011. More »


Merisotis Discusses the Changes Needed in Education | Washington Post Live | Dec. 11, 2012

Jamie Merisotis, President and CEO of Lumina Foundation, says we need to focus on equity and be able to measure what people learn at the college level.

Video | Complete College Ohio

Jim Applegate, “Why Completion is Important”

Lumina’s Vice President for Program Development Jim Applegate addressed the trustees of the Ohio Board of Regents at the Complete College Ohio Conference at Columbus State Community College about the importance of college completion to Ohio’s success. More »


GenConnect interview with Jamie Merisotis

) Oct. 31, 2012—”We can’t underestimate the power of continuing education after high school,” says Jamie Merisotis, president and CEO of Lumina Foundation, a private foundation committed to enrolling and graduating more students from college. “Higher education of some sort More »

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