Amanda DeLaRosa

Amanda DeLaRosa

Strategy Officer

DeLaRosa leads and manages Lumina's state policy work allowing the foundation to collaborate closely with our key state policy partners.

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Hawaiʻi fortifies its economy by supporting post-high school learning for Native Hawaiʻians, Pacific Islander, and Filipinos

Amanda DeLaRosa  | 
With a racial and ethnic grouping that often gets folded into the broader success of the Asian community, Hawai'i has a strong history and command of data important to understanding the real story—the story of indigenous people often overlooked in every social sector.
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Changes in how Lumina makes grants and awards contracts will highlight the need for racial justice and equity

Paola Santana, Amanda DeLaRosa  | 
Lumina Foundation has a long-standing commitment to achieving racial equity—the point when an individual’s race or ethnicity no longer predicts educational outcomes. Creating a learning system in which Black, Hispanic, and Native American people are a priority was crucial to our launch 20 years