Chauncy Lennon

Vice President for Learning and Work and Senior Strategy Advisor

Chauncy Lennon, Ph.D., is the New York-based vice president for learning and work and senior strategy advisor at Lumina Foundation, an independent, private foundation in Indianapolis that is committed to making opportunities for learning beyond high school available to all.  He leads Lumina’s community college strategy to equitably expand access to high-quality short-term credentials and associate degrees.

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Community colleges can fuel America’s economic reinvention — if we let them

Chauncy Lennon  | 
The U.S. government is making massive investments to update America’s infrastructure so we can meet some of the biggest challenges of this century: addressing climate change, improving economic competitiveness, and safeguarding our supply chain.
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Workers Want Their Workplace to Pay for Upskilling. Their Employers Should Do It.

Chauncy Lennon  | 
Recent demonstrations against police brutality and headlines about racial disparities in COVID-19 deaths have not only elevated these particular issues, but also opened our nation’s eyes to the long history of systemic inequality in America.
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All IN: The Skills Gap Debate

Chauncy Lennon  | 
Within days of the COVID-19 pandemic forcing businesses to shut down, or dramatically change their operations, unemployment skyrocketed. Now Hoosier workers and business owners are left wondering how to piece things back together.
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The future of work is already here

Chauncy Lennon  | 
Job creation and income equality formed a cornerstone of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s work and writing. As we look to the future of work, we must promote opportunities for everyone, emphasizing racial justice and equity.