Scott Jenkins

Strategy Director

Scott Jenkins serves as strategy director for state policy at Lumina Foundation.

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Keep Virginia moving forward: Accelerate efforts on workforce development and equity

Scott Jenkins  | 
To those who appreciate good government and the smooth transition of power from one administration to another, the scene of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Gov. -elect Glenn Youngkin together represented a moment to celebrate.
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Lumina’s policy agenda centers on helping states achieve racial justice and equity

Danette Howard, Scott Jenkins  | 
Progress is about partnerships – in racial justice and education as surely as anywhere else. In Lumina’ case, as we embrace a national goal of ensuring that by 2025, 60 percent of working-age adults have a quality credential beyond high school, that means partnering with others and encouraging
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There’s a better way to defuse racial tension and improve legislative debates

Paola Santana, Scott Jenkins  | 
With the brutal killing of George Floyd and last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, more state legislatures are debating measures that intersect with how we think about race in society.
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States have to step up to help colleges face the coming budget storm

Scott Jenkins, Jesse O'Connell  | 
American higher education is in the eye of a hurricane. When the pandemic hit last spring, campuses were buffeted by the frantic transition to remote instruction, lost revenue, and emergency spending on health and safety measures. The country made it through the tough early months with unprecedented
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States should exert their power to grant college degrees—especially for these three student groups

Scott Jenkins, Dewayne Matthews  | 
To jump-start their economies in the wake of COVID-19, states will need to do more than just reopen bars and hair salons. They must help millions of people gain the skills they need to work in a dramatically changed employment market. Most of those post-pandemic jobs in the U.S. will require educati
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Equity Narratives: I was an ‘accidental racist’ who helped deny education to others

Scott Jenkins  | 
I am the grandson of a rural, Southern sharecropper. I am white. I am male. And I am a conservative. And, while I am not a skinhead, member of the Klan or a White Citizens Council, I may have been equally dangerous. I was an accidental racist.
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Florida aims for ‘top 10 global economy’ through education

Scott Jenkins  | 
From slumping poll numbers to a stinging bribery scandal over admissions, higher education has taken a beating recently. But as most of us know—and as states such as Michigan and Florida are affirming—there’s still no better path to a secure future than education and training after high school
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Michigan sets 60% higher ed goal

Scott Jenkins  | 
The governor, speaking in her State-of-the-State address, announced a plan to develop paths for workers and students looking for new opportunities. The goal is to raise the percentage of adults with learning or training after high school to 60 percent by 2030.
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Rising to the attainment challenge: states target data, equity

Scott Jenkins  | 
A growing number of states are setting ambitious goals to increase the numbers of people who complete education and training after high school. But as we saw at a convening of state policymakers brought together this week by Lumina Foundation, progress is about more than numbers.

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