Win/win: Making the business case for employer talent investment

Win/win: Making the business case for employer talent investment

National Press Club, Holeman Lounge, April 25, 2016.

On behalf of Lumina Foundation, UpSkill America and the Business Champions for Adult Credential Completion, we hope you can join us for a live webcast highlighting the contributions of employers to US talent needs. This session will bring together employers with governmental, policy and academic leaders to discuss how employers are working to elevate the skills and education of incumbent workers. 

This event will include:

  • A Fireside chat with Pablo Chavez, Vice President for Global Public Policy at LinkedIn
  • A discussion of talent investment strategies with leaders from Hilton Worldwide, Wal-Mart, Wegmans and Xerox
  • Announcements of new talent programs from Aon, a Chick-fil-A franchise, Fiat Chrysler and AARP
  • ROI research and results from a fortune 100 Insurance Company, with the full report to be released on April 25 


2:00 pm
Welcome and Introductions

Pam Tate, President, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

2:10 pm
Fireside Chat

Pablo Chavez, Vice President, Global Public Policy and Public Affairs, LinkedIn
Danette Howard, Vice President, Policy and Mobilization, Lumina Foundation

2:35 pm
Upskill America Overview

Maureen Conway, VP for Policy Programs, Executive Director, Economic Opportunities Program, Aspen Institute

2:40 pm
Upskilling Profile

Philip Smith, Chick-fil-A Franchise Owner, Weatherford, TX

2:50 pm
Upskilling Leaders

Sarah Armignacco, HR Director, Educational Initiatives, Wegmans
Kimo Kippen, Chief Learning Officer and Global Brand Ambassador, Hilton Worldwide
Steven Rath Morgan, Director, Learning Process, Innovation and Effectiveness, Xerox
Brian Poland, Director, Lifelong Learning and Talent Development, Walmart

Moderator: Elliott Masie, Chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM

3:25 pm
Upskilling Profile

Aaron Olson, Vice President and Global Head of Talent Management, Aon Corporation

3:35 pm
Business Impact of Upskilling Entry-Level Employees

Jeff Turnas, President, 365 by Whole Foods Market
Shawn Straub, Director of Field Human Resources, The Fresh Market
Stephanie Doliveira, VP, Human Resources, Sheetz

3:50 pm
Upskilling Profile

John Fox, Director of Dealer Training Shared Services, FCA Performance Institute, Fiat Chrysler

4:00 pm 
Measuring the ROI of Tuition Assistance

Breck Marshall, Managing Director, Accenture
Haley Glover, Strategy Director, Lumina Foundation

4:15 pm
Upskilling Profile

Lisa Marsh Ryerson, President, AARP Foundation

4:25 pm
Closing Thoughts

Pam Tate, President and CEO, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning


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