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Smart Growth: Creating Sustainable Cities Through Higher Education

Dec 09, 2013

An op-ed in the Huffington Post by Jamie Merisotis emphasizing the role of developing a strong talent infrastructure to help a community thrive, and introducing Lumina's Community Partnership for Attainment initiative.

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A Spirit of Innovation, a Time of Change

Nov 06, 2013

Jamie Merisotis delivers the opening keynote speech at The 2013 International CAEL Conference in San Diego. "We must focus on learning outcomes as the true measure of educational quality. Not time, not institutional reputation, but genuine learning."

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A Tradition of Innovation, a Time for Profound Change

Oct 03, 2013

Lumina President Jamie Merisotis shared ideas about how trustees and institutional leaders can help direct the changes needed for student success at at the 2013 Community College Leadership Congress in Seattle.

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The Economist and Lumina Foundation Announce Winner and Finalists of the "Quantified Work Challenge" through InnoCentive

Sep 30, 2013

Paul Duan was awarded $10,000 for his InnoCentive submission at The Economist’s Human Potential Forum 2013. Peter C. Honebein, Ph.D. and Chris Gray were recognized as finalists in the InnoCentive "Quantified Work Challenge."

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A Stronger Nation through Higher Education

Sep 09, 2013

In today's Plenary Keynote at the Council for Opportunity in Education's 32nd Annual Conference, Jamie Merisotis emphasized that closing the wealth gap will require closing the attainment gap through a redesigned higher education system.

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InnoCentive and Lumina Foundation Announce Winner of First Innovation Challenge

Aug 09, 2013

Today InnoCentive, Inc. and Lumina Foundation announced the winner of the Design of Student-centric Websites for Open-Enrollment Colleges and Institutions Challenge.

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Lumina Foundation Issues Challenge to Improve User Experience of the “College Scorecard”

Aug 02, 2013

Lumina Foundation, in partnership with InnoCentive, has issued a new crowdsourcing Challenge to improve the user experience of the “College Scorecard,” an initiative launched by the federal government last year.

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Redesigning Higher Education … from the Inside Out

July 15, 2013

In a keynote speech on driving innovation in postsecondary education, Lumina President Jamie Merisotis emphasizes the importance of high-quality learning in redesigning a postsecondary education system that will fundamentally change the way students are educated.

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The Attainment Goal and the Changing Higher Education Landscape

April 12, 2013

Lumina president addresses university librarians at their Annual Conference about their role in helping to redesign the 21st century higher education system.

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