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Gallup-Lumina Foundation Poll Finds Overwhelming Majority of Americans Support Increasing Attainment

April 16, 2015

An overwhelming majority of Americans continue to believe that having a certificate or degree beyond high school is important to our success as a nation and as individuals. But, according to new results released today from the annual Gallup-Lumina Foundation Poll on Higher Education, Hispanics and African Americans believe most strongly in the power of postsecondary education to help deliver good jobs and a better quality of life.

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Increasing college affordability and access must be Ohio's big goal

Feb 22, 2015

Lumina President & CEO Jamie Merisotis applauds Governor Kasich's latest budget proposal and challenges the state to adopt an attainment goal to meet the growing demand for talent in Ohio. Read his op-ed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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Federal Higher Education Policy: Momentum or Collision Course?

Feb 09, 2015

The president’s proposal to make community college tuition-free is generating a much-needed national dialogue on higher education policy. Lumina President Jamie P. Merisotis looks at how different proposals in Congress could work together to reshape higher education into a more student-centered system. Read Merisotis' op-ed in Roll Call.

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Five Education Trends to Watch as Mid-term Elections Approach

Sep 30, 2014

As the 2014 mid-term elections approach, the view many candidates have of higher education in America is outdated. Some of the old buildings remain from when they were in school, but who college serves now and how it’s delivered has changed dramatically.

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The boat is rocking … so set a new course

Jan 29, 2014

Oregon higher education has witnessed more policy changes in the last year than it has in the past 50. State universities are achieving more autonomy and state budgeting is becoming more focused on strategic investment and integrated funding for universities, community colleges, and need-based student aid. Lumina president Jamie Merisotis outlines five key strategies to help navigate this new landscape.

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Gallup and Purdue University Partner to Measure College Outcomes with Landmark Study

Dec 17, 2013

Gallup and Purdue University are conducting the largest representative study of college graduates in U.S. history. The Gallup-Purdue Index will evaluate the long-term success of graduates in their pursuit of “great jobs” and “great lives.”

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Strategy Labs website launched to help states increase attainment

Dec 11, 2013

New digital platform provides nonpartisan policy resources for higher education leaders working to increase postsecondary degree attainment in their states.

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Attainment and Skills – New Evidence from OECD

Oct 08, 2013

Today, OECD released their Survey of Adult Skills (also called PIACC or Pisa for adults). There is a lot of data – 466 pages worth – but I’ve already come across some interesting and relevant findings.

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National Goals and Policy for Higher Education

July 10, 2013

Jamie Merisotis delivers the keynote address to the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO) about the big picture of higher ed system redesign that will shift the focus from the institution to the student.

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