A Convening to Explore Quality and Equity in the New Credentialing Landscape


Video: No “magic bullet” when it comes to quality

In the past, we often defined higher educational quality in terms of prestige and exclusivity. “Now we’re creating a vision that’s a little more comprehensive,” says Debra Humphreys, Lumina vice president of strategic engagement and the Quality Credentials Task Force’s co-chair. “It starts from the outcomes – not just the individual outcomes of getting a quality credential, but the societal outcomes produced when a system is high quality and high functioning.” In this video she talks about the task force’s vision for creating a quality higher education system and why we can’t meet that goal without focusing on racial justice and equity

Defining and delivering on quality in higher education

The QA Commons helps institutions design programs of study to ensure better outcomes for more students and certifies programs that are well designed and have successful track records in attending to issues of employability of their graduates. Read more »