Racial Equity


In 2020, Lumina Foundation launched a strategic plan that represents Lumina’s closing argument for the 2025 goal. The plan focuses on refining and executing strategies that will accelerate the redesign of education and training systems to better prepare individuals for work and life. Lumina also will intensify its push toward a just and fair society by embracing commitments to racial equity and high-quality in programs leading to degrees and other credentials.


Lumina is launching a Data Collection Survey to build a comprehensive database of organizations that can make meaningful contributions toward achieving the nation’s goal of 60 percent of adults with college degrees, certificates, industry-recognized certifications, and other credentials of value by 2025.

We intend to work with organizations whose efforts align with our strategic plan and that embrace our equity-first commitment. We prioritize racial justice and equity in all of our efforts. We believe racial equity will exist when educational outcomes can no longer be predicted by an individual’s race or ethnicity. And racial justice will become a reality when the causes of inequity—and the policies, practices, and structures that support unjust outcomes—no longer exist.

  • Lumina’s work will align with these definitions of racial justice and equity to increase educational attainment among Black, Hispanic, and Native American learners while also addressing disparities in outcomes by race and ethnicity.
  • Our work will focus on dismantling the barriers that keep Black, Hispanic, and Native American learners from quality education and training; we will not support approaches not specifically designed to improve outcomes among people of color.
  • Partners must demonstrate a commitment to ensuring their boards, executives, and employees reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of communities they exist to serve or support.
  • Partner organizations must be able to describe and demonstrate a capacity to lead with racial justice and equity as priorities. They must pursue ongoing efforts to equip their staff members to lead in the same ways.

This survey will help Lumina identify and cultivate partners aligned to our priorities and our equity-first commitment. Lumina also will use survey information to let respondents know about events and other opportunities, including requests for proposals.

Instructions and Next Steps

Survey responses should be submitted by the organization’s leader or an individual whose work most aligns with Lumina’s mission. Please submit only one response per organization.

Lumina will review all responses. Information collected will be available to everyone within the foundation who awards grants or contracts. We will use this information to determine whether opportunities to work together or fund projects exist, and we will follow up with organizations if opportunities arise. It is not a call for proposals. Responding to the survey does not guarantee future funding or engagement.

The foundation does not support scholarships, K-12 preparation, college access programs, or lobbying and political activities.

What’s on the survey?

Preview the 20 questions before you fill it out.


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Please contact partnersurvey@luminafoundation.org.