An urgent social and economic challenge

Lumina Impact Ventures LogoFor the United States to stay competitive, economists and labor-market experts say millions more people will require education beyond high school – education that prepares them for informed citizenship and success in a global economy.

Attracting new ideas and new capital to an urgent social challenge

The urgency of this looming talent deficit calls for innovation in how we take on pressing social and economic challenges. LIV expands the foundation’s efforts beyond grant investments to engage the private sector in ways that generate ideas, build knowledge, and attract new capital to create new learning opportunities for all.

Empowering entrepreneurs to create solutions that can scale and spread

LIV elevates entrepreneurs of color and those from low-income backgrounds while fostering a collaborative and founder-friendly ecosystem. Drawing from Lumina’s extensive networks, we make smart introductions and connect portfolio companies with trusted advisors and other non-financial resources they could not find elsewhere.

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Our portfolio:

Impact Investments


A company providing an online course-sharing marketplace for a network of hundreds of colleges and universities to help students complete degrees in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Bitwise Industries

A technology training provider focused on marginalized groups of people such as first-generation immigrants, people of color, women, veterans, the formerly incarcerated, and the long-term unemployed, who traditionally have not had access to high-growth, high-wage careers in technology.


An impact-driven data technology company using a suite of smart data collection, integration and governance products to transform the way social service providers share data, make decisions, and affect the behavioral outcomes of beneficiaries.

Care Academy

An education company that provides training to support in-home caregivers and the families they work with.


A provider of educational content through a text-based and web-accessible platform, serving low-income workforce professional development and upskilling.

Citivas Learning

An education data science company that provides insights and tools to optimize student learning, retention, and completion.


A technology platform for verifying, sharing and managing digital badges and credentials that empowers the recognition of lifelong educational achievement.


A leading provider of education and telecom services for the incarcerated population.


A technology platform providing financial management and emergency aid tools to low-income high school, college, and university students.


An academic software planning tool to optimize student success and resource allocation.

Mentor Collective

A technology platform to match students with high-impact peer, alumni, and career mentors.


An education company providing technology-enabled student support services and solutions to improve persistence and graduation.

Ecosystem Grants

In addition to direct equity investments in early-stage companies, LIV provides grant funding to organizations working to build the impact investing ecosystem and support underrepresented founders.

  • Camelback Ventures – an accelerator focused on addressing inequities of entrepreneurship by providing coaching, capital, and connections to underrepresented entrepreneurs.
  • New Profit — a leading accelerator with a long history and proven record of scaling high-impact nonprofit organizations.
  • U.S. Impact Investing Alliance – a field-building organization committed to raising awareness of impact investing in the United States, fostering deployment of impact capital and working with stakeholders to help build the impact investing ecosystem.
  • Village Capital – an accelerator that finds, trains, and invests in entrepreneurs solving real-world problems. (Lumina’s investment focused on entrepreneurs in education.)

An evolving foundation strategy

By leading the way on equity investments in promising, scalable technology-enabled solutions, LIV expands Lumina Foundation’s financial tools beyond traditional grant investments. With a focus on social and learning returns, along with expected financial returns, LIV draws from Lumina’s extensive networks to foster a collaborative impact investing ecosystem by initiating cross-sector discussions, shaping new financing practices, and identifying and bringing together strategic partners.

Investing for social impact is part of a continuum of financial activities.
Lumina’s financial tools to support strategy and learning while delivering a financial return.

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