Current State Attainment Rate
State Attainment Rate Goal*
*65 percent of the state's 25 to 64-year-old population holds a high-quality postsecondary credential or degree by the year 2025. Goal set by New Hampshire Coalition for Business and Education in 2015.
State Policy Recommendations
Set a Goal
Technical Assistance
Lumina provides technical assistance funds and consulting support to state leaders and organizations working to increase post-high school education levels in their states.
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Set a Goal
Set a Goal
Set an ambitious goal
Statewide goals help state leaders, college and university officials, employers, and community representatives establish a shared agenda. A strong goal meets these criteria:
Quantifiable. Includes a number or percentage increase that can be quantitatively measured over time
Challenging. Represents a stretch. For example, it cannot be easily achieved by following historic trends
Time-specific. Tied to a long-term target date to demonstrate commitment and drive expectations
Addresses gaps. Designed to close attainment gaps for underrepresented populations, particularly students who are Black, Hispanic, or Native American; people from low-income families, and adults who have not yet earned credentials.
Codified. Formalized in a way that influences the state's postsecondary strategic plan, budgeting practices and/or state policy initiatives
Other State Progress
Lumina's state policy agenda reflects the shifts in state policy needed to reach the nation's 60% attainment goal. These policies provide clear steps to drive their education reform needs.
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A Stronger Nation
57.9% attainment rate in New Hampshire

New Hampshire's overall rate of educational attainment has increased by 13.3 percentage points since 2009.

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