Lumina Fellows Program

Lumina Foundation has launched a Lumina Fellows program in 2013 to engage thought leaders in supporting the nation’s efforts to dramatically increase postsecondary education attainment. Specifically, the Fellows will address challenges in redesigning policy and practices that must be addressed if the nation is to reach Goal 2025 and mobilizing key constituencies to support achievement of the goal. Goal 2025 calls for the nation to create a workforce by 2025 in which 60 per cent of Americans have a high quality college credential. Lumina and many others, including the President of the United States, have recognized the absolute necessity of dramatically increasing education attainment in the United States if the country is to maintain a competitive workforce and a healthy democracy.

Purpose of the Fellows Program

Lumina Fellows will bring a depth of expertise and knowledge about policy and practice issues that must be addressed to enable the country to reach Goal 2025. They will work closely with Lumina Foundation in informing the Foundation’s own efforts to effect these changes. In addition, the Fellows will, through various forms of public communication, enrich the thinking informing conversations about college attainment and provide recommendations for policy makers, higher education and business leaders, and other important stakeholders that increase our ability to dramatically increase college attainment levels, especially among low income and first generation students, adults, and students of color.

For more information, see the news release announcing the appointments »