Transparent Credentials

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Transparent Credentials

We promote clearer descriptions of the knowledge and skills behind credentials.

We support a national system of transparent, quality credentials through which learning is recognized however it occurs.

The objective is to provide students, employers, and education providers with credible, transparent, up-to-date information about the meaning and value of credentials.

Millions more adults need the knowledge and skills that can only be obtained through education and training after high school. They also need credentials that make learning outcomes transparent to employers, to education providers, and to themselves.

The meaning of many credentials is not clear to the people who need to understand them most. Because credentials link people to jobs, connect people to other educational programs, and define career pathways, the need for credential transparency is particularly important for today’s student who face even greater challenges navigating the complex and ever-changing credentialing landscape.

Lumina is working with a wide range of partners to develop approaches that will bring greater transparency to degrees and other credentials. Such clarity will give employers, education providers, and students credible, transparent, up-to-date information about the meaning and value of credentials beyond the high school diploma. Our work includes supporting the development of national standards and platforms such as Credential Engine, as well as ways for adults to organize and present validated knowledge and skills to employers and education providers. These emerging approaches can expand opportunity and increase education attainment by clarifying the relationships among credentials and careers; ensuring smoother transitions among education providers for students; and building innovative, flexible pathways for all kinds of learners.