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Attracting, Educating & Deploying the 21st-Century Workforce

Jamie Merisotis

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About America Needs Talent: Attracting, Educating & Deploying the 21st-Century Workforce

The 20th century was the great American Century because the nation developed the talent needed for individual and societal success. Today, we’ve lost our focus on talent, and we risk missing out on $7 trillion in annual market and nonmarket value if we don’t invest in attracting, developing and deploying the 21st century workforce. To embark on a Second American Century, deliberate choices must be made by government, the private sector, education, and individuals about what matters. In America Needs Talent, Jamie Merisotis shares five ideas for securing the talent America needs:

  1. Redesign higher education so that it serves students’ and society’s needs.
  2. Unleash private sector innovation to encourage risk-taking and create a solid talent ROI.
  3. Create a Department of Talent to reimagine the government’s role in talent development and deployment.
  4. Develop and implement skills-based immigration policies to attract and develop a more talented workforce.
  5. Revitalize our cities as urban hubs that attract and cultivate talent. 

Talent Defined

Talent is what happens when knowledge, skills and abilities are honed by education and experience in a way that benefits both the individual and society at large.

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America Needs Talent synopsis PDF
Posted Apr 16, 2018
America Needs Talent, Rosetta Books trailer
America Needs Talent, Rosetta Books trailer
September 17, 2015

The outlook may look gloomy now, but the second American Century can happen. America needs talent to usher in a new era of innovation and success.