Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

A brand is more than a logo or a name. It is what makes an institution unique, the essence of an organization. It is what defines it—internally and to the outside world. An organization’s brand allows it to build recognition and loyalty among all constituents, to communicate its goals and values in a memorable way, and to give staff and administration a sense of unity and pride.

At Lumina Foundation, we know that organizational identity is an investment in our future and that consistent application of Lumina’s brand elements demonstrates professionalism and enhances credibility. Given the importance of a consistent organizational identity, it is crucial that standards regarding our brand be clearly communicated and vigorously maintained. 

Whether you are a first-time grantee, a supporter, or a long-standing partner, we appreciate your hard work and commitment and look forward to supporting your efforts. These guidelines are provided for your reference when using the Lumina Foundation name, logo and/or other branding and communications assets.

For questions, contact Tracy Chen.


The terms of your grant or contract require that Lumina approve any materials citing the Foundation by name. Please send news releases, brochures, flyers, reports or other materials that mention Lumina Foundation to: Please make sure that a copy of the e-mail is directed to your grant officer or the director of your project. 

If you are concerned about media coverage your project has received or might receive, or believe a reporter’s question is better answered by Lumina Foundation, please let us know – (and please be sure to copy your strategy officer.)

Review Process

The Foundation does not require grantees to acknowledge the Foundation in materials or publicize the Foundation’s grant, either through the media or through other communications channels.

As outlined in your grant agreement, the Foundation reviews any grantee materials that include the Foundation’s name. This includes but is not limited to press releases, brochures, websites, newsletters and annual reports.

Please notify (and copy your program officer) as soon as possible if you plan to issue a press release or send other materials for approval. This helps prepare us for your request so we can manage it as quickly as possible. When you send the materials, please also include: 

  • Grant ID, name of the program officer, Word document draft of materials
  • Grant announcement strategy, if applicable

If you decide to make an announcement, you are responsible for developing the announcement strategy and documents. Submit your press release or other materials for approval.

The Foundation will review your materials and respond with suggested edits and/or approval. Information about the grant must remain confidential and should not be announced publicly until the grant agreement has been signed and returned to the Foundation.

Lumina Foundation provides an annual news release announcing grants awarded during the year. Our grantees’ work is often published or promoted on Lumina’s website and in print and electronic formats. Please alert us when you reach milestones. We also ask that you link to our website at or alert us to material on your site that you believe Lumina stakeholders will find valuable.