Future of Student Needs

Connecting in 2025

Quantity Over Quality Connections

Students will have more social ties with humans, animals and robots driven by the acceptance of communication and information technologies. As the number of connections increases, the depth of the relationships will decrease. In the future it will be common to find students who have had many relationships with other humans and at least a couple of machines in their life. Human-robot interactions can be either physical, virtual or both. As a result of these new forms of connection, it has been proven that students now are able to make more education/social/business ties during their higher education. Although these connections seem  tight in the beginning, they usually fade away in a range from 3 to 6 months.

Immersed Connections: Going Further

Communication and information technologies are completely pervasive and imperceptible. There is no difference between sharing a conversation with humans, robots or even animals, and such conversations have become mainstream. Big data makes it easier to find ideal partners and to keep “bad influences” away. This future includes students who are sharing their personal information with their close friends 24/7 through the Internet of things. They have a personal assistant who is also one of their best friends; generally they are trustworthy, loyal and have a lot in common with the student. It also suggest who to relate to around you and online. Students are fighting for the rights of robot, animal and mixed couples.

Signals of Change

What if the higher education system embraces the idea that there is no difference between virtual and real life?