Envisioning the Next Generation of Student Supports

Lumina Foundation is interested in discovering innovative solutions, or a set of solutions, available to students that will better support their pathways to college. In an age when technology touches just about every aspect of our society and is transforming how we communicate, work, socialize, and learn, this program asks the college access community to consider how technology-infused models may better enable effective practices, programs, and services to dramatically increase their positive impact on student outcomes.

Lumina Foundation Announces “NextGen” Grantees.

Planning grants awarded

On Jan. 10, Lumina announced the six winning grantees to develop innovative solutions designed to work in the real world of the 21st century student. Read the news release »

Education technology resource

Visit Envisioning the next generation of student supports at Startl Dealbook »

Request for proposals

For archival information on the grantee selection process, see the NextGen RFP page »