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With the support of Lumina Foundation, the Student Needs 2025+ team looks to expand the discussion about the future of higher education — from the student perspective.

About the Report

The Future of Student Needs: 2025 and Beyond

With the support of Lumina Foundation, the Students Needs 2025+ research team from the University of Houston Foresight Program looked for ways to add something to the discussion about the future of higher education. It found three openings to inject some new thinking:

  1. Much of the literature about the future of higher education takes the viewpoint of the institution rather than the student. Therefore, we chose to explore the future from the student point of view.
  2. Even those works that do consider students only consider them in school, not in the context of their overall life. Our view of the future goes beyond higher education and looks at student life as a whole, not just their life in school.
  3. Much of the writing about the future of higher education assumes continuity; a smaller portion assumes the opposite: a complete transformation. We explored how the continuity version of the future could be disrupted. We learned that we did not have to create a radically transformed future in order to identify a provocative set of student needs. Even a continuous evolution of student life is creating a set of student needs that is likely to present significant challenges for established institutions.

The goal of this approach is to catalyze innovative responses to emerging student needs.

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