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AVID- Region 8

GRANT #1960
AMOUNT $71,900
LOCATION San Luis Obispo, CA
DATE RANGE 07/01/2003 through 06/30/2007

To prepare Advanced Placement students to tutor peers from underserved populations, thereby encouraging college enrollment.

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Finance Authority of Maine (FAME)

GRANT #2054
AMOUNT $194,200
DATE RANGE 07/01/2003 through 06/30/2006

To support College Goal Sunday 2004-2006 in Maine.

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Lund Family Center

GRANT #2075
AMOUNT $47,200
LOCATION Burlington, VT
DATE RANGE 07/01/2003 through 07/01/2006

To provide a high school college-preparatory curriculum and on-line college classes for pregnant teens and teen parents.

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The Finance Project

GRANT #2005
AMOUNT $10,000
LOCATION Washington, DC
DATE RANGE 06/15/2003 through 01/14/2004

To develop an action plan that will guide Lumina Foundation for Education's long-term grant investment in projects to increase postsecondary access and success for emancipated foster youth.

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Trinity College

GRANT #1761
AMOUNT $75,000
DATE RANGE 06/14/2003 through 06/14/2007

To enhance pre-college access tutoring and academic awareness among students of color in Hartford (Connecticut) Public Schools.

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Midwestern Higher Education Compact

GRANT #1431
AMOUNT $55,200
LOCATION Minneapolis, MN
DATE RANGE 06/01/2003 through 09/30/2004

To set the stage for improved public policy understanding in the 10 states served by the Midwestern Higher Education Commission.

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Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy

GRANT #1433
AMOUNT $87,000
DATE RANGE 06/01/2003 through 01/30/2005

To support the work of a blue-ribbon panel that will improve the understanding and strengthen the role of community colleges in adult education and literacy.

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Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind (AIDB)

GRANT #1510
AMOUNT $74,300
LOCATION Talladega, AL
DATE RANGE 06/01/2003 through 08/01/2006

To establish a year-round program to improve postsecondary access for students with sensory disabilities.

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Roxbury Preparatory Charter School Foundation, Inc.

GRANT #1513
AMOUNT $75,000
DATE RANGE 06/01/2003 through 06/01/2005

To expand the Middle School Aspirations and Pathways to College (MAPS) program to alumni to build collegiate aspirations and readiness.

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Harvard University

GRANT #1522
AMOUNT $215,000
LOCATION Cambridge, MA
DATE RANGE 06/01/2003 through 01/31/2006

To study the impact of remedial education on student postsecondary attainment and labor market outcomes.

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