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Finance Authority of Maine (FAME)

GRANT #1448
AMOUNT $7,500
DATE RANGE 01/01/2003 through 05/31/2003

To conduct one-year planning for College Goal Sunday in Maine.

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College Match

GRANT #1459
AMOUNT $75,000
LOCATION Santa Monica, CA
DATE RANGE 01/01/2003 through 05/31/2005

To assist well-qualified low-income and minority high school students to gain admission to excellent small colleges ranked just below the Ivy League level.

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American Indian College Fund (AICF)

GRANT #1493
AMOUNT $325,000
DATE RANGE 01/01/2003 through 12/31/2003

To support the nation's 32 tribal colleges and universities for student support services and supplemental scholarships for current American Indian teaching paraprofessionals wishing to attain the educational credentials required by the recently passed P.L. 107-110 "The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001."

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Lehman College, CUNY

GRANT #1499
AMOUNT $75,000
DATE RANGE 01/01/2003 through 07/31/2004

To offer off-campus courses and customized support services to encourage mostly poor, minority South Bronx teacher aides to enroll in college courses.

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Hispanic Border Leadership Institute

GRANT #1508
AMOUNT $75,000
DATE RANGE 01/01/2003 through 07/01/2005

To support the Hispanic Border Leadership Institute's postsecondary preparation program for first-generation Latino students.

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American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC)

GRANT #1509
AMOUNT $25,000
LOCATION Albuquerque, NM
DATE RANGE 01/01/2003 through 01/01/2005

To support the College Horizons "Crash Course" in preparing Native American high school students for college.

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Indiana University Foundation - IUPUI - Indianapolis

GRANT #1524
AMOUNT $10,000
LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
DATE RANGE 01/01/2003 through 12/31/2003

To support the Bepko Scholars/Bepko Fellows Program in honor of Jerry Bepko's years of service as chancellor at IUPUI.

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College Bound

GRANT #1565
AMOUNT $75,000
LOCATION Washington, DC
DATE RANGE 01/01/2003 through 04/01/2005

To prepare greater D.C. area public school students from underrepresented communities and help them to achieve their goal of a college education. The program matches adult professionals in one-to-one partnerships with students to form long-term mentoring and tutoring relationships.

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American University

GRANT #1572
AMOUNT $74,800
LOCATION Washington, DC
DATE RANGE 01/01/2003 through 07/31/2005

To develop partnerships between universities and minority high school students, modeling and expanding a successful annual computer science conference, and giving students the opportunity to present their work in a professional-style forum and publish papers. The year-long program encourages underrepresented students to enter postsecondary education and pursue professional careers....

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Belin-Blank Center at The University of Iowa Foundation

GRANT #1278
AMOUNT $10,000
DATE RANGE 12/31/2002 through 06/01/2003

To support the planning efforts for the Big 10 Collaboration Grant to expand the number and diversity of students and teachers participating in Advanced Placement in states with Big 10 schools.

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