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Beech Grove City Schools

GRANT #1723
AMOUNT $20,000
LOCATION Beech Grove, IN
DATE RANGE 05/01/2003 through 07/01/2005

To expand the number of students who participate in college-level curriculum programs at Beech Grove High School.

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Women in Government

GRANT #1471
AMOUNT $97,000
LOCATION Washington, DC
DATE RANGE 04/01/2003 through 01/31/2004

To assist state policy-makers in understanding current issues of access to postsecondary education by creating a task force of 12 legislative leaders, conducting a workshop on access issues and providing policy feedback to Lumina Foundation.

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Cleveland Scholarship Programs

GRANT #1564
AMOUNT $75,000
LOCATION Cleveland, OH
DATE RANGE 04/01/2003 through 04/01/2005

To provide enrichment activities and college access services outside the classroom for Cleveland's low-income urban youth in grades six through nine. Students will expand their view of the world, knowledge of career opportunities, and need for postsecondary education as they travel beyond their neighborhood.

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Indiana Grantmakers Alliance

GRANT #1578
AMOUNT $30,000
LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
DATE RANGE 04/01/2003 through 12/31/2003

To sponsor the Effective Grantmaker Series in 2003.

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New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA)

GRANT #1580
AMOUNT $401,700
DATE RANGE 04/01/2003 through 12/31/2004

To support a multi-city public-engagement campaign and community-outreach initiative linked to a PBS documentary television series - all aimed at increasing college access for low-income and first-generation college students.

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Foundation for a College Education (FCE)

GRANT #1683
AMOUNT $25,000
LOCATION East Palo Alto, CA
DATE RANGE 04/01/2003 through 04/01/2004

To extend the comprehensive academic and college guidance provided by the Foundation for a College Education to an additional 10 to 20 students of color.

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Ivy Tech State College

GRANT #1494
AMOUNT $75,000
LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
DATE RANGE 03/15/2003 through 11/30/2004

To help adult learners and promote partnerships between two- and four-year institutions through a program that will upgrade the skills of Indiana's teacher aides and enable them to comply with new federal mandates.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis

GRANT #1679
AMOUNT $75,000
LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
DATE RANGE 03/15/2003 through 05/31/2004

To expand the All Access Teen Program with more hours of operation, monthly academic preparation seminars and career exploration.

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Cathedral High School

GRANT #1079
AMOUNT $65,000
LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
DATE RANGE 03/01/2003 through 08/31/2003

To help plan the development of Starfish, an organization that will be devoted to enhancing the pre-college preparation of low-income Marion County students by helping them attend college preparatory high schools.

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Prep for Prep

GRANT #1292
AMOUNT $75,000
DATE RANGE 03/01/2003 through 12/31/2003

To help minority college students succeed by enhancing and expanding the support services of one of the nation's most successful pre-college access organizations. Such support services as time-management and goal-setting instruction are expected to advance retention and attainment.

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