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Daniel Murphy Scholarship Foundation

GRANT #1317
AMOUNT $207,300
DATE RANGE 03/01/2003 through 12/31/2004

To expand the capacity of the Daniel M. Murphy Scholarship Foundation to raise scholarship dollars and provide outreach services for low-income, inner-city students who wish to attend college-preparatory high schools in the Chicago area.

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American Council on Education (ACE)

GRANT #1360
AMOUNT $1,053,100
LOCATION Washington, DC
DATE RANGE 03/01/2003 through 04/30/2006

To document the characteristics and needs of low-income adult students, as well as the public policies and postsecondary practices that facilitate or are barriers to learning.

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Augusta State University

GRANT #1562
AMOUNT $75,000
DATE RANGE 02/01/2003 through 08/01/2004

To bring students from two predominantly African-American high schools to campus during the spring semester. The students will be given the opportunity to attend classes that interest them. During the summer, the same students will be involved in a four-week program taught by university and high school faculty....

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Learning Network of Clinton County

GRANT #1573
AMOUNT $63,100
LOCATION Frankfort, IN
DATE RANGE 02/01/2003 through 06/30/2006

To promote the potential of low-income students to pursue postsecondary education. A partnership with the National Center for College Costs and Frankfort School Corporation will provide college and career exploration, and the development of a Clinton County Leadership Academy for Youth will promote leadership opportunities.

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Martin University

GRANT #1460
AMOUNT $74,700
LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
DATE RANGE 01/20/2003 through 01/20/2005

To provide college access opportunities and skills to Indianapolis minority and low-income students.

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Orleans Dollars for Scholars

GRANT #1567
AMOUNT $59,700
LOCATION New Orleans, LA
DATE RANGE 01/06/2003 through 01/06/2005

To prepare motivated public high school students to meet the challenges of standardized testing and higher education. Operating both extracurricularly and during regular school hours, CORE provides classes in ACT and college preparation which aid students in achieving their academic and personal goals.

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Syracuse University

GRANT #919
AMOUNT $956,700
DATE RANGE 01/01/2003 through 08/31/2007

To conduct a six-year longitudinal quantitative and qualitative study of the impact of innovative academic assistance programs on the long-term success of underprepared and under-represented urban college students.

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Brevard College

GRANT #1194
AMOUNT $1,400,000
DATE RANGE 01/01/2003 through 12/31/2004

To support the work of The Policy Center on the First Year of College for a new signature project, "Foundations of Excellence in the First College Year," by partnering with the Atlantic Philanthropies.

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College Summit

GRANT #1316
AMOUNT $75,000
LOCATION Washington, DC
DATE RANGE 01/01/2003 through 02/28/2004

To work toward raising community expectations of low-income students beyond high school graduation by: 1.) coordinating College Summit workshops with the events of College Goal Sunday in California and Washington, DC/Maryland, 2.) refining parts of the College Summit workshops, and 3.) evaluating College Summit's efforts to raise expectations about...

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Finance Authority of Maine (FAME)

GRANT #1448
AMOUNT $7,500
DATE RANGE 01/01/2003 through 05/31/2003

To conduct one-year planning for College Goal Sunday in Maine.

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