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Pike High School

GRANT #1384
AMOUNT $30,000
LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
DATE RANGE 11/01/2002 through 06/01/2005

To increase both the number and variety of students taking advanced academic classes, including IB, AP and other honors designated courses.

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Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education

GRANT #1411
AMOUNT $42,100
DATE RANGE 11/01/2002 through 02/28/2004

To support College Goal Sunday 2003-2004 in Arizona.

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University of Missouri - Columbia

GRANT #1447
AMOUNT $7,500
DATE RANGE 11/01/2002 through 10/01/2003

To conduct one-year planning for College Goal Sunday in Missouri.

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GRANT #1498
AMOUNT $150,000
LOCATION Baltimore, MD
DATE RANGE 11/01/2002 through 06/30/2004

To support College Goal Sunday 2003-2004 in DE/DC/MD.

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Lawrence North High School

GRANT #1385
AMOUNT $30,000
LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
DATE RANGE 10/31/2002 through 12/15/2005

To expand advanced placement and international baccalaureate course offerings at Lawrence North High School.

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National Rural Funders Collaborative (NRFC)

GRANT #1399
AMOUNT $400,000
DATE RANGE 10/31/2002 through 10/31/2004

To support postsecondary access programs funded by NRFC in rural areas across the country.

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Decatur Central High School

GRANT #1379
AMOUNT $30,000
LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
DATE RANGE 10/30/2002 through 08/30/2005

To expand access to advanced placement and dual credit courses for Decatur Central students.

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American Association of Community Colleges

GRANT #1127
AMOUNT $305,200
LOCATION Washington, DC
DATE RANGE 10/01/2002 through 05/31/2004

To support development of policy and program recommendations for expanding access to a four-year college degree for community college students.

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University of Maryland

GRANT #1276
AMOUNT $42,200
LOCATION College Park, MD
DATE RANGE 10/01/2002 through 08/31/2003

To fund research to study the effects of state policy on college choices and enrollment gaps.

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The Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation

GRANT #1313
AMOUNT $200,000
DATE RANGE 10/01/2002 through 06/30/2003

To fund a six-month planning process to research innovative ways to address growth and success issues associated with eLearning programs.

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