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Ben Davis High School

GRANT #1350
AMOUNT $30,000
LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
DATE RANGE 10/01/2002 through 06/30/2005

To expand access to advanced placement courses by offering additional teacher training and student test subsidies.

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North Central High School

GRANT #1356
AMOUNT $30,000
LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
DATE RANGE 10/01/2002 through 10/01/2005

To increase the numbers and diversity of students who participate in the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs.

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Berea College

GRANT #1021
AMOUNT $329,100
DATE RANGE 09/01/2002 through 09/01/2005

To support research that will document the relationship between labor, work and service, and student retention and degree attainment at "work colleges."

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Purdue University

GRANT #1165
AMOUNT $100,000
LOCATION West Lafayette, IN
DATE RANGE 09/01/2002 through 08/31/2004

To mentor under-represented Indianapolis Public School students and encourage them to pursue careers in science, technology, and math/science education.

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The Trustees of Indiana University

GRANT #1213
AMOUNT $100,000
LOCATION Bloomington, IN
DATE RANGE 09/01/2002 through 08/31/2006

To create a service learning component in gateway courses for students of color, Indiana students from rural and urban disadvantaged backgrounds, and other needy students.

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Indiana State University

GRANT #1215
AMOUNT $100,000
LOCATION Terre Haute, IN
DATE RANGE 09/01/2002 through 12/31/2004

To support the building and testing of a Web-based student portfolio so that a tested, refined and scalable version can be ready for the entire Indiana State University student population for Fall 2004.

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The Regents of the University of California

GRANT #1221
AMOUNT $250,000
LOCATION Los Angeles, CA
DATE RANGE 09/01/2002 through 06/30/2005

To support the study: From College Access to College Retention.

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American Association for Higher Education

GRANT #1222
AMOUNT $4,515,200
LOCATION Arlington, VA
DATE RANGE 09/01/2002 through 12/31/2007

To support MSI institutions in analyzing the scope and character of their students' engagement in their learning and in implementing well-designed action plans for improvement of engagement, learning, persistence and success.

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National College Access Network (NCAN)

GRANT #1244
AMOUNT $124,500
LOCATION Washington, DC
DATE RANGE 09/01/2002 through 03/31/2003

To support a planning grant for Enhancing College Access: A Blueprint for National Expansion.

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Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.

GRANT #1314
AMOUNT $10,000
LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
DATE RANGE 09/01/2002 through 12/31/2002

To provide general operating support for Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. (IDI).

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