Grants: Page 194

Purdue University

GRANT #805
AMOUNT $99,200
LOCATION West Lafayette, IN
DATE RANGE 10/26/2001 through 07/31/2002

To support the feasibility study of converting Purdue Extension Service Centers into Community Learning Centers.

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Regis University

GRANT #819
AMOUNT $50,000
DATE RANGE 10/26/2001 through 12/31/2002

To provide operating support, including money, to plan for the collaborative study of accelerated learning programs.

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Scholarship America

GRANT #823
AMOUNT $3,000,000
LOCATION Minneapolis , MN
DATE RANGE 10/26/2001 through 01/31/2003

To establish a college access fund to assist the financially needy dependents of persons killed or permanently disabled in the terrorist attacks in New York City, Pennsylvania and near Washington, D.C., on September 11, 2001.

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Council for Opportunity in Education

GRANT #830
AMOUNT $254,300
LOCATION Washington, DC
DATE RANGE 10/26/2001 through 01/26/2003

To study retention practices and graduation rates at four-year colleges that serve large numbers of low-income students.

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Mercy College

GRANT #871
AMOUNT $518,300
LOCATION Dobbs Ferry, NY
DATE RANGE 10/26/2001 through 04/26/2004

To provide research, evaluation and communication support that will assist Mercy College in its efforts to significantly increase the percentage of entering undergraduate students who are retained in college each year and persist to achieve the baccalaureate degree.

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Madison County Community Foundation, Inc.

GRANT #835
AMOUNT $12,000
DATE RANGE 10/12/2001 through 11/04/2001

To provide information to Madison County families and high school students on ways postsecondary education can be affordable.

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Institute for Higher Education Policy

GRANT #804
AMOUNT $160,000
LOCATION Washington, DC
DATE RANGE 10/01/2001 through 12/31/2002

To convene a workshop for higher education institutions and state and federal education organizations to discuss key issues and generate policy papers that will inform policy-makers about the most pressing topics facing the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act.

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Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIBI)

GRANT #305
AMOUNT $10,000
LOCATION Indianapolis, IN
DATE RANGE 09/21/2001 through 12/31/2001

To provide general operating support for Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.

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National Association of State Student Grant and Aid Programs

GRANT #304
AMOUNT $60,000
DATE RANGE 09/15/2001 through 06/15/2002

To fully redesign the annual NASSGAP survey.

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The Trustees of Indiana University

GRANT #301
AMOUNT $41,500
LOCATION Bloomington, IN
DATE RANGE 09/01/2001 through 06/30/2002

To fund research at the Indiana Education Policy Center on the effects of the 21st Century Scholars Program on college enrollments and persistence.

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