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Live Crowd Vote: Finalists' Pitches

Finalist Pitching for Social Innovation Prize

April 20, 2016, 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PST
Grand Hall C, Manchester Grand Hyatt - San Diego, CA


  • Kiko Suarez, Lumina Foundation


  • Anne Dwane, GSV Ventures
  • Dan Osusky, B Lab
  • Nasir Qadree, Village Capital


Runners Up

What better place than ASU GSV Summit to have a crowd of innovators gather to vote on a $50,000 prize? Attendees and a panel of expert judges will listen to pitches from social ventures that are either already impacting postsecondary education in the US, or believe they could apply their model to increase attainment in the higher education sector. At the end of the session $25,000 will be awarded according to a live crowd vote and $25,000 will be awarded according to judge decision. Come listen to pitches, ask the finalists questions, and help decide who will win!

$50,000 Social Innovation Prize

On April 18-20, 2016, key players in technology, education, and policy will converge at the ASU GSV Summit. A “must-attend event for educational technology investors,” ASU GSV attracts not only CEOs and venture capitalists, but also education leaders and visionaries. It’s the ideal place for a great idea to get noticed, and maybe get a huge boost from influencers and investors.

This year, three social ventures selected by Lumina Foundation will get the chance to be there—as finalists in InnoCentive’s $50,000 Lumina Social Innovation Prize. Each finalist will get the chance to pitch their organization’s potential to help in meeting Goal 2025.

Goal 2025 is Lumina Foundation’s commitment to increasing the proportion of working-age Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates, and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025. Accomplishing this will require business leaders, education providers, and policy leaders to embrace systemic change in our country’s postsecondary system. It’s a lofty goal, so reaching it will take hard work from diverse participants in the field: educators, innovators—anyone with a great idea.

Apply through the Social Innovation Prize page at InnoCentive.

How Does the Social Innovation Prize Connect?

By encouraging innovative, up-and-coming organizations whose ideas can be scaled to meet our nationwide goals, the effects of this challenge will resound far beyond San Diego—across the country and into the next decade. Grassroots efforts can have great viral potential, and a greater capacity to reach people where they are. The Social Innovation Prize is the biggest we’ve launched through InnoCentive. We’re hoping to attract a lot of great ideas and plug finalists into the many successful and long-lasting partnerships within the nonprofit and investment sectors that Lumina Foundation has built. It is Lumina’s hope that this Social Innovation Prize can be used as a potential first step in developing similar relationships with leading social ventures.

What Are You Looking For?

We’re looking for solutions that are surprising, creative and compelling. Since the goal of this challenge is something out of the ordinary, we’ve left the guidelines as open as possible. Your venture should be relevant or transferable to Goal 2025, but the organization itself can be of any type. Your practices should scale up easily to the national level, and be sustainable over the long term. We want this Social Innovation Prize to highlight the efforts you’re making that can improve the way postsecondary education is delivered, credentialed, promoted, and made accessible to everyone.

What Happens If I Become a Finalist?

Lumina Foundation will invite three finalists to a live pitching event at the ASU GSV Summit in San Diego, April 18-20, 2016. Finalists receive a stipend to cover the costs of travel, accommodation, and attendance. Each finalist will pitch to a panel of industry experts that will include Kiko Suarez (Lumina Foundation,) Anne Dwane (GSV Ventures,) Dan Osusky (B Lab) and Nasir Qadree (Village Capital). At the end of the ASU GSV session part of the prize will be awarded by the panel, the rest according to a live online audience vote that will run during the session. A single venture could potentially win both awards.

If you’d like the chance to pitch your social venture with us at ASU GSV, we’d invite you to get started by completing the Social Innovation Prize.

When is the Deadline?

March 20, 2016 (Closed.)