Mobilize Higher Education to Increase Student Success

Mobilize Higher Education

Our Aim

We know that reaching a 60% attainment goal cannot be reached without significant – even sweeping – changes within higher education. In fact, what is needed is a fundamental shift in institutions and systems to make them more supportive of student access and success.

In short, systems and institutions must redesign across the board so that they become more student-centered and attainment-focused. They must adopt data- and evidence-based policies and practices that close attainment gaps and improve overall completion rates.

Our Actions

To mobilize higher education to become more student-centered and success-focused, Lumina emphasizes wider and better use of data. By properly collecting, disaggregating, analyzing and using their data on student persistence and attainment, institutions and systems can effectively redefine their mission and increase their effectiveness in pursuing that mission.

Based on our experience, we believe multi-campus and system-wide collaboration and information-sharing partnerships are particularly valuable, and so we seek to create and sustain such partnerships.