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Gretchen Syverud

As director of strategy integration, Gretchen works closely with the senior vice president and chief strategy officer to develop, lead, and support strategic initiatives and departmental planning.Gretchen coordinates cross-team integration designed to improve overall strategy development and execution and to actualize foundation-wide projects and goals.She joined Lumina Foundation in 2016...Read bio »

Report shows how states are preparing for growth in ‘middle-skill’ jobs

June 07, 2018

A new national report on preparing workers for middle-skill jobs shows how states are measuring the amount of training that each has in its workforce, a big step toward strengthening the links between education, training, and high-quality employment.

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Studies show how states can improve education after high school

March 06, 2018

States looking to raise the overall numbers of working-age residents with education and training after high school would benefit from focusing on populations who haven’t been well served in the past by colleges, universities, and other postsecondary education providers.

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