Holly Zanville

Holly Zanville, Ph.D., served at Lumina Foundation for nearly 15 years. Her most recent work at the foundation focused on a newly emerging work-and-learn ecosystem, including the networks and partnerships, collective action initiatives, and research related to workforce-education alignment, credentialing, and quality assurance.

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Reflections on education in a new era of work and learning

Holly Zanville  | 
This chapter summarizes trends, themes, and lessons from this volume and key credentialing initiatives supported by Lumina Foundation.
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An updated map of the learn-and-work highway

Holly Zanville  | 
As any traveler will tell you, nothing aids progress so much as a good map. That’s a lesson more than 30 funders are learning firsthand as they explore ways to create a more seamless system of education and workforce training.
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Ensuring workers’ ‘soft skills’ is no cushy job

Holly Zanville  | 
Two words summarize an increasingly important education and workforce issue—skills gap. This is the gap between the skills students attain in education or job training and the ones employers say that workers need.
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Inside the Big Confusing Credentialing Tent: A New Mission to Understand Non-Degree Credentials

Frank Swanzy Essien, Jr., Holly Zanville  | 
New research is showing the growing value of credentials—but the trouble is, no one seems to fully grasp what credentials are, or how to decipher terms like non-degree and sub-degree.
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In tomorrow’s ‘work-and-learn’ world, new tools must measure progress

Holly Zanville  | 
How will we assess learning ─ and make sure it counts in the workplace ─ in 2030 and beyond? That’s the important question we asked during a recent discussion hosted by the Institute for the Future (IFTF) and Lumina Foundation.
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When funders call for a map of credential transparency initiatives, we should pay attention

Holly Zanville  | 
The ever-shifting landscape of education and work has raised the stakes higher than ever for students to choose wisely when considering education and training programs.
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New research: Service years are a pathway to careers and college completion

Holly Zanville  | 
Veterans of service year programs such as AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, YouthBuild, Teach for America, and VISTA go on to complete bachelor’s degrees at twice the rate of their peers and find jobs in occupations with annual salaries of as much as $80,000, new research shows.
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Reflections on credentialing: Past, present and future

Holly Zanville  | 
As the conversation around—and demand for—alternative credentials continues to heat up, there are a few big bets happening across the postsecondary ecosystem that could completely transform the way we think about (and recognize) higher learning.
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States play a key role in identifying credentials of value

Holly Zanville  | 
Nearly everybody agrees that young people need to start learning about the world of work early—even in high school. The question—which credentials can they earn—really matters. State officials and others need to sort this out, and now there’s some new help in figuring out one of education’
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Partnership between Credential Engine and the Navy launches

Holly Zanville  | 
What do Credential Engine and the Navy have in common? In two words, competencies and credentials.
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Competency frameworks: Blueprints for strong learning structures

Holly Zanville  | 
Learning frameworks can help ensure that credentials are built on solid foundations of learning.
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Taking the gap year after high school as a paid service year

Holly Zanville  | 
Lumina's Holly Zanville collaborated with Jenna Dell from Service Year Alliance to create this overview of important issues related to devoting a paid service year after high school.
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The nation’s largest community college system prepares for the future

Holly Zanville  | 
A new report from the Institute for the Future (IFTF) examines the California Community Colleges’ Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy initiative. The system is
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Lumina Foundation interviews edX about new MicroMasters® programs

Holly Zanville  | 
Lumina Senior Advisor for Credentialing & Workforce Development Holly Zanville interviews the project lead for the edX grant, Nina Huntemann, director of academics and research, to see how the work is going.
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Conversation with CompTIA’s Gretchen Koch on IT careers for diverse populations

Holly Zanville  | 
Lumina Senior Advisor for Credentialing and Workforce Development Holly Zanville spoke with CompTIA's Gretchen Koch about efforts to expand opportunities for diverse student populations to find employment in the IT industry by scaling a long-term internship model.
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A statewide approach to service year ─ the Virginia model

Holly Zanville  | 
The Service Year Alliance wants to create 1 million job placements in the public sector annually. One way to reach this goal is by taking a statewide approach. Lumina's Holly Zanville suggests Virginia's innovative approach to service year expansion could be replicated in any state to drastically in
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The big idea: A service year

Holly Zanville  | 
Lumina Senior Advisor for Credentialing and Workforce Development Holly Zanville suggests ways for colleges and universities to open credentialing pathways for service year corps members to help create a win-win for learners, employers, and communities alike.
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Credential Engine names Scott Cheney as first executive director

Holly Zanville  | 
Credential Engine, a new 501C3 non-profit organization with a mission to improve transparency in the credentialing marketplace, has
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It’s time to build a GPS for credentialing

Holly Zanville  | 
Lumina Senior Advisor for Credentialing and Workforce Development Holly Zanville outlines the vision for a networked system of data that will provide accurate, current, and transparent information about all credentials.
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A game-changing solution to a serious credentialing problem: Right signals initiative

Holly Zanville  | 
Twenty community colleges are testing a framework for making their credentials more transparent as part of the Right Signals initiative. Lumina Senior Advisor for Credentialing and Workforce H