John Strauss

Editorial Director

John helps tell the story of Lumina through blogs, multimedia, and other content, helping manage the foundation's social media channels and digital storytelling. He is a former editor with the Associated Press in New York City, Indianapolis, and Nashville.

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Panel of ‘today’s students’ speak their truth to college experts

John Strauss  | 
University of Michigan students looking for help with their finances ended up helping themselves—with a crowd-sourced book on making it through college on a budget.
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College affordability, and why we should go beyond financial aid

John Strauss  | 
Affordability is about more than the cost of textbooks, tuition, and fees. It’s also about reliable access to food, housing, transportation, and childcare. And while schools are developing programs to tackle these issues, we’re not using all the tools we could be to improve the success of low-i
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“Roadtrippers” sought for cross-country RV trek exploring the future of work

John Strauss  | 
Lumina Foundation is supporting a Roadtrip Nation documentary on the future of work and opportunities for people with no degree beyond high school. The first step is finding three “roadtrippers” interested in exploring their career and education prospects across the country.
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Competency-based education could benefit veterans by recognizing their military skills

John Strauss  | 
Ask about anybody leaving the service what they’d like next, and the answer is usually, “a good job.”
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“Perfect storm” skills shortage threatens economy, but we have a path forward

John Strauss  | 
Change can be hard, but we’ll get there. That’s the message of hope we heard at the 2017 Education Symposium this week with Army University, Lumina Foundation and the CBE Network.
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Investing for impact

John Strauss  | 
Two years after shifting the focus of its impact investing program, Lumina Foundation is building partnerships that give emerging companies the benefit of the Foundation’s network—multiplying the investment’s value and creating new opportunities along the way.