Kermit Kaleba

Kermit Kaleba

Strategy Director

Kermit Kaleba is the director of employment-aligned credential programs for Lumina Foundation, an independent, private foundation in Indianapolis that is committed to making opportunities for learning beyond high school available to all. Kaleba leads a portfolio designed to increase the number of occupational short-term credential and AA degree programs. 

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Attacks on DEI jeopardize college-employer partnerships

Kermit Kaleba  | 
State restrictions risk undermining efforts to create a more racially equitable workforce, Kermit Kaleba and Kysha Wright Frazier write.
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Career-focused credentials are booming. we need to know what they’re worth.

Kermit Kaleba  | 
Short on time and money, adult learners increasingly are seeking credentials that lead directly to better jobs or promotions. In fact, research shows that two-thirds of adult learners considering further education prefer career-focused options over degrees.
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Job seekers with no degrees—but plenty of skills—need and deserve more

Kermit Kaleba  | 
With fierce competition for talent in today’s labor market, many employers ask if a college degree is really necessary.
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Community colleges will need to help train millions of workers for the nation’s infrastructure plan

Kermit Kaleba  | 
In November, Congress passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill to invest about $1 trillion in a range of different priorities, including building and strengthening our nation’s roads and bridges, expanding broadband access, and improving public transit.
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Trimmed version of Build Back Better still offers critical job training and other help for adult students

Kermit Kaleba  | 
Free community college is missing from the proposed new $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act, but the measure still provides significant help for adult students and the colleges that help them learn and earn.
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States are using fast, short-term credentials to get workers back on their feet.

Amber Garrison Duncan, Kermit Kaleba  | 
In recent years, the debates about proposals to expand the federal Pell Grant program to pay for short-term workforce programs offered at community colleges have been lively. Several states have taken matters into their own hands, using federal stimulus dollars to provide aid to adult learners seek